Here are some examples of the one day courses currently on offer.  We are able to provide this kind of specialist training at the Art Barn or we can deliver bespoke training sessions for staff and/or Gifted and Talented pupils in school time on site.  The packages at the Art Barn include refreshments and a light lunch.  In the next few weeks we will be publishing our programme for the new academic year which will include two one day courses on pottery.

Clay for Teachers: Two Day Course. 9.30am-3.00pm

PART 1: Designing and Modelling. Thursday 16th October, £120

  • Practical making skills: thumb pots, slab pots, coil pots and modelling.
  • Pitfalls, common mistakes and how to avoid them.
  • Drawing and designing.
  • Topics and ideas for schemes of work.

Welcome to the wonderful world of clay! This course aims to introduce teachers to a wide range of skills and techniques that will enable them to introduce clay work to their pupils successfully and with confidence. This will be a hands-on workshop where teachers will be given a host of ideas and complete a range of practical projects.

PART 2: Decorating and Glazing. Thursday 27th November £120

  • Use of underglaze colours on wet clay.
  • Use of oxides on fired clay.
  • Glazing techniques.
  • Kiln stacking and management.
  • Further practical making.

Following on from the previous course, we will introduce a variety of solutions to the difficult area of decorating and glazing the children’s clay work. As well as having the opportunity to explore further making skills and use underglaze colours, pieces from the first course will have been fired and teachers will be able to experiment with other decorating techniques and effects. We will also discuss kiln management and demonstrate practical help for the safe firing of children’s pottery.

Suitable for Key Stages 1, 2 and 3. Price includes all materials, firings refreshments and lunch.


Printing With Polystyrene Blocks:Thursday 13th February, 9.30am-3.00pm £120

Welcome to the wonderful world of polystyrene press prints. How to achieve a variety of amazing results from several different starting points. We will provide a step by step guide to successful 2 and 3 colour printmaking using polystyrene blocks together with resources and suggested schemes of work. This will be a hands-on, action packed workshop with opportunities to explore all kinds of repeat prints that can be achieved by children of all ages and abilities. You will have the opportunity to develop your printing designs in to several different end results that will provide fantastic display material.

Creative Collagraphs:

Thursday, 20th March, 9.30am – 3.00pm £120 In this session we will explore two different schemes of work from start to finish: Drawing and Printing Birds Urban Landscapes and Explosions. There will also be the opportunity to explore a range of other possibilities. This work will be large and expressive in terms of colour and size. We will also demonstrate useful hints and techniques for the successful delivery of these skills in the classroom.

African Art:

Thursday, 22nd May 9.30am-3.00pm £95.00

An action packed day of drawing, painting, charcoal, chalks and sculpture.

Work directly from a variety of original masks and textiles to explore some exciting ways to create some amazing results in 2 and 3D

We will explore the link between African Art and with the work of Pablo Picasso and provide an opportunity to develop observed drawings into cubist style paintings.

Japanese Art:

Thursday, 3rd July 9.30am – 3,00pm £95.0

This course is open to anyone interested in Japanese Art.  We have had a huge response from teachers and have had to book them on another day.  So, on Thurs. 3rd July, all of our clients are non-teachers and hence we are able to offer additional places.

We will study figures, flowers, birds and landscapes inspired by Japanese wood block prints then develop these in to a range of finished 2 and 3D pieces. You have the chance to experiment with a range of techniques including pen and ink with watercolours and wax resist.

This topic never fails to enthral both children and adults. You will go away with a wealth of ideas and resources to develop into exciting new schemes for KS2 and 3.


Lunch and light refreshments included.